Welcome to Martial Arts Croydon

Our academy is a full-time martial arts school based in Croydon, Surrey. We teach martial arts to children (Little Dragons--4 to 6; Juniors--7 to 12) and to adults of all ages, from 13 and above, with a comprehensive timetable to suit every individual’s needs.

Kung Fu Schools offers a 4-week free trial for anyone interested in trying out our effective and authentic martial art system.

Martial Arts: A World of Benefits

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, lose weight, get fit, or pick up self-defence tips, our personalized approach to teaching will help you achieve your goal. Our martial arts training regime will not only equip you with potentially life-saving self-defense techniques, you will also notice improvements in your flexibility, stamina, focus, confidence, general fitness and well-being.

Likewise, our age- and level-specific children’s martial art classes are designed to engage and to enthuse young minds. Delighted parents of our students have reported seeing an improvement in various aspects of their children: concentration, discipline, behaviour, confidence, and academic performance are just some of the many benefits cited. The commitment and discipline involved in learning a martial art will equip your child with life lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Learn Martial Arts with a Smile

Many people have the notion that a martial arts club is populated by beefy meat-heads, looking to show off by beating up the new student. This is not the case at our academy. Having been beginners ourselves, we understand full well how intimidating it could be walking into a martial arts club for the first time. This is why our instructors and students all endeavour to make the school a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to both teaching and learning.

Our children’s martial art classes are upbeat, motivational, and most importantly, age-specific, teaching young students effective self-defence in an accessible way. Our children’s lessons emphasize the importance of developing not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, encouraging students to mature into responsible, well-rounded individuals.

Our Academy: Convenient Location, Safe Environment

With our purpose-built, full-time premises, with three training rooms equipped with comprehensive facilities, we teach martial arts in a clean, well-lit and safe environment. Situated within a business park, away from busy main roads, our academy is easily accessible by bus or rail, and there are free parking spaces available.

Our dedicated team of instructors is fully trained to teach both adults as well as children, and each one of them is indemnity insured and CRB checked for your peace of mind.

Experience First-Class Martial Arts Teaching for 30 Days FREE!

Why not experience the benefits of martial arts for yourself? We are so convinced that you will enjoy our relaxed, hands-on teaching of authentic martial arts, that we are willing to offer all new students a 4-week trial, absolutely free! At the end of your trial, if you didn’t love what we have to offer, there is absolutely no obligation to sign up!

You have nothing to lose!

To book the first of your free taster classes, please give us a call on 0800 197 4660 or 0208 916 2102. We look forward to hearing from you!