About Our Martial Art

Our academy teaches Wing Chun kung fu, a Chinese martial art over 300 years old. According to legend, the style was developed by a woman, a nun from the Southern Shaolin Temple, who created the new martial art to counter the stronger kung fu styles of the time.

Undoubtedly, the most famous student of our martial art is Bruce Lee, the late kung fu legend, who started Wing Chun at a young age. Later, he would use the techniques and principles he learned to develop his own fighting style, Jeet Kune Do, an early form of mixed martial art.

Our academy teaches authentic kung fu developed by the late Grandmaster Yip Man (or Ip Man), who was Bruce Lee's instructor.

An Effective Martial Arts System

The basic principles of our martial art focus on neutralizing a threat as quickly as possible, using speed and precision rather than strength and stamina. This makes the martial art an effective form of self-defence for both men and women, young or old.

Although an ancient martial art form, Wing Chun kung fu remains effective and applicable in today's world. Our academy teaches the techniques and principles of the traditional martial art, as well as efficient ways of applying them in a modern setting.

International Martial Arts Stamp of Approval

Our academy has ties with the International WingTjun Kungfu Association (IWKA). Our close relationship with the IWKA founder, Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola, ensures that we remain abreast of the latest developments in our martial art system, and that we deliver the most effective and authentic system of Wing Chun kung fu as possible.

Furthermore, our academy is an official “Confucius Classroom”, a title designated by the Chinese government recognizing us as a cultural center for authentic Chinese arts and culture. We are proud to be the only martial arts organization in the world to be honoured with this title.

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