Adult’s Martial Arts Classes

Our adult’s martial art classes are suitable for anyone aged 13 and above. Students are taught in level-specific groups, and beginners benefit from having their own instructor throughout the whole lesson.

Feel at Ease at Our Friendly Martial Art Academy!

We understand full well the reservations you may have in trying out a new martial art. Like yourself, our instructors remember being a beginner, and the trepidation of stepping into a martial arts school for the first time. The worst-case scenario is stumbling into a school fueled by testosterone and ego, with beefy meat-heads eager to score points by beating up the newcomers.

Trust us, we have all been there. Because of this, our instructors and students strive to make our academy as relaxing and non-threatening as possible for new students. Everyone here is approachable and helpful, and our instructors are dedicated to providing the best in martial arts teaching in the most friendly and professional manner possible. For your added peace of mind, each instructor is also indemnity insured, and has undergone a full CRB check.

A Martial Art Suitable for All

The martial art we teach, Wing Chun Kung Fu, emphasizes technique and precision over size and strength. Key principles include yielding to a greater force, and the use of your opponent’s own strength against them. Because of this, this martial art style is an ideal self-defense form for people of all ages, gender and fitness level.

Not only do our adult students hail from all across Surrey, Kent and London, they come from all walks of life, and range in age from 13 all the way up their 70s.

The Benefits of Martial Arts on Body, Mind & Spirit

Whatever your reasons for taking up a martial art, our academy can help you achieve your goals. Our adult students come to us with a variety of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Improving health and fitness
  • Learning to defend themselves and their family
  • Seeking an outlet for stress relief
  • Picking up a new hobby
  • Making new friends

Whatever your goals, we personalize our training program to ensure that your needs are met. As with traditional kung fu, our martial arts lessons focus not just on physical development, but also on constant self-betterment, both mentally and spiritually.

Our martial art training program improves coordination, flexibility, stamina, core strength, and overall health and fitness. However, applying the principles of martial arts to your everyday life can also improve your general mental outlook and well-being: better confidence, concentration, calmness, mental alertness, awareness, and reduced stress are just some of the many benefits our students have reported since beginning their martial arts training.

Reap the Benefits of Our Martial Arts for 30 Days FREE!

With so many different martial arts styles and schools out there, we understand that you may be undecided about just which one to pick up. To us, choosing a martial art is like choosing a car: just as you test drive a car before deciding if it’s the right one for you, we are offering a no-obligation trial: 4 weeks’ worth of kung fu lessons, absolutely FREE!

To find out if our martial art is right for you, do give us a call on 0800 197 4660 or 0208 916 2102 to book the first of your free taster lessons! We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you to our martial arts academy!