Boxing Croydon

Because of its competitive element, heavy regularization, and lack of spiritual and philosophical content, boxing is predominantly more a sport than a martial art. Nevertheless, it remains an effective form of self-defence.

Few martial arts can match boxing when it comes to punching power. However, if a boxer’s fists and wrists were not properly taped up, the power of the punches would probably break the bones in his hands.

Apart from using closed fists, Wing Chun Kung Fu also employs a variety of open-handed strikes using the heel of the palm and the blade of the hand, significantly cutting down on the chances of injury to your hands. From a legal perspective, an open-handed stance gives the impression you were not the aggressor, which unfortunately will be the case if you were to raise your fists in a boxing stance.

The late boxing legend, Jack Dempsey, renowned for his punching power, wrote in his book Championship Boxing, that the best method of punching for proper alignment and power generation, is the upright (or vertical) fist, exactly how we punch in Wing Chun, although very rarely used in other martial arts.

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