Capoeira Croydon

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining elements of dance and music. Often accompanied by drums and music, it was first developed by African slaves and disguised to look like a dance rather than a fighting form the slaves could use against their oppressors. It is thought that the acrobatic flips and leg sweeps evolved from the fact that many slaves used to have their hands chained, and so must rely more on their legs in self-defence.

At first glance, this energetic art would seem to have little in common with Wing Chun Kung Fu, but like Wing Chun, Capoeira does not employ defensive blocks, as this involves fighting strength against strength. Capoeira utilizes evasive manoeuvres, but to maximize stability and mobility, Wing Chun Kung Fu keeps both feet firmly on the ground, and focuses more on deflections rather than evasion, allowing for more effective counter-attacks.

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