Kids’ Martial Arts Classes

Parents, if you would like your child to:

  • Have better discipline
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Focus better at school
  • Know how to stand up to bullies
  • Be more responsible around the house
  • Become a mature, well-rounded individual

Then we can help you!

Learning a martial art requires discipline, focus and perseverance, all important traits to instill in children from a young age.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Child: Learning Lessons that Last a Lifetime

We encourage students to not just see martial arts as a hobby, but to embrace it as a complete way of life. We place equal emphases on the development of sound mind, body and spirit, and we advocate the constant pursuit of self-betterment through living the principles of kung fu.

Students are encouraged to act and think like a Black Belt, not just during lessons, but in everyday life, demonstrating all the qualities of a true martial artist: discipline, integrity, perseverance, restraint, and a positive attitude.

These are just some examples of improvements our delighted parents have observed in their children:

  • Improved behavior
  • Better focus and grades at school
  • Boost in confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved fitness, health and coordination
  • Better respect for others
  • Increased sense of responsibility and citizenship
  • Improved awareness and better able to deal with bullies

Our positive reinforcement system ensures students are rewarded for their achievements, not just within the martial arts, but in school and extra-curricular activities as well. As a result, students become proud of their successes, and most of all, of themselves.

Our Academy’s Ethos: Small Classes, Big Energy

To ensure individualized attention is placed on each student, our children’s martial art lessons are each run by two or more instructors, and we limit our class sizes to maintain a low instructor to student ratio. Our martial art lessons are lively, energetic and upbeat, encouraging full and constant student participation. Our aim is to get the children sweaty, but to have so much fun, they can't wait for their next class!

Our comprehensive martial art syllabus covers everything from beginner level, all the way through to intermediate and advanced. Our grading system is a visual ladder that motivates students to strive to achieve their next belt, and to aim for their Black Belt and beyond.

Children Learning Martial Arts: Some Myths Dispelled

Will learning martial arts make my child overly aggressive?

Parents have actually reported the opposite! Learning a martial art can actually help mellow out an over-aggressive child, by allowing them to channel their excess energy into a positive activity. In our children's classes, we constantly drum home the important of patience and self-control. We teach our students to react to situations appropriately, and to use their martial arts skills only in self-defense.

Will teaching children how to fight make them bullies?

A big, resounding NO! Anyone can teach a child how to kick and punch. Our academy does much more than teaching children the basics of self-defense. Thinking and acting like a black belt--showing respect for others, patience and perseverance in the face of adversity, the integrity not to bow to peer pressure--is just as important. In our children's martial art classes, we always remind students that our kung fu skills are never to be used unless when absolutely necessary: as a means of self-defense, but even then as a last resort, after all other strategies we teach them to deter bullies have been exhausted.

Age-Specific Martial Arts Classes

Because children learn in a different way from adults, and younger children in turn learn differently from older ones, our martial arts lessons are divided into the Little Dragons (ages 4 to 6) and Juniors (ages 7 to 12), with lessons tailored specifically toward children of the specific age group. Older children 13 and up will benefit from joining our Adult classes.

Lessons are upbeat and motivational, with the aim of getting your child to learn effective self-defense and valuable life lessons, all while getting a good workout and having lots of fun!

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