Martial Arts for Little Dragons (Ages 4 to 7)

Children and adults learn in very different ways. Young children learn best visually, by watching and mimicking, and through simple explanations and analogies they can relate to. With that in mind, our Little Dragons martial art classes are specific for children between the ages of 4 and 7. (Older children will benefit more from our Junior classes.)

In our Little Dragons classes, essential self-defense techniques are delivered to the students in an accessible manner, and lessons are designed to be upbeat, motivational, and fun, encouraging full participation from the students. Class sizes are restricted to ensure your child gets as much individualized attention as possible, and our team of instructors, all experienced in teaching and engaging children, are fully insured and CRB-checked for your added peace of mind.

Learning Lessons to Last a Lifetime

Courtesy, self-control, perseverance, honesty ... these are all important life lessons every parent wants to instill in their child. In our Little Dragons classes, we constantly stress that a true martial artist always thinks and acts like a black belt: with humility, patience, and respect for others. Our lessons teach students not only the ABC's of effective self-defense, but also the ABC's of life: attitude, behavior, and character.

Learning martial arts from a young age can be very beneficial for a child. Some improvements observed by parents of our Little Dragons include:

  • A calmer demeanor
  • Improved behavior
  • Better concentration in school
  • Improved interactive skills
  • An increased sense of responsibility

Children progress through a belt grading structure, learning more complex techniques as they advance. Once they are older, they will move on to our Junior martial art classes.

See What Martial Arts Can Do For Your Child--Try Our 4-Week FREE Trial!

See how martial arts can benefit your child, both physically and mentally, and see how the lessons they learn here could last a lifetime! Children will also receive a free uniform when they join us, so book the first of your free lessons today on 0800 197 4660 or 0208 916 2102.