There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Sifu Alan Paterson and the Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) undertake many activities outside of the school including corporate event days, grading ceremonies for the younger students and high paced weekend classes for the more active and willing adult students.

Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

“I have found Kung Fu Schools to be a friendly place with knowledgeable instructors. There is a well structured syllabus so you are never lost or overwhelmed. My two sons also attend and I have found their system of rewarding achievements outside of Kung Fu Schools to be helpful in motivating them. Doing Kung Fu has certainly helped their co-ordination and behaviour.”
- Alan Lam
“Kung Fu Schools and Wing Chun have been fantastic for me. I am fulfilling a life-long dream to learn a martial art. It's challenging both physically and mentally. I have the pleasure of having friends in various different martial arts and/or security based jobs, and I've always found my Wing Chun to hold up very, very well in friendly sparring, even though I am not an advanced student. When I joined Kung Fu I could barely do sit-ups or push-ups and the teachers were very kind and allowed me to progress at my own rate without ever making me feel bad about it. Now I'm rather pleased with how much stronger and more flexible I am. The same is true when it comes to learning the techniques. They are patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to train hard and learn, they will be more than happy to teach you and to help you to understand. Wing Chun is a system rather than a style, which means we fight based on a number of rules and principles as opposed to impressions of animals. These rules and principles are incredibly simple and logical, but also very deep. It is a wonderful experience to learn a new principle, and grow from being completely useless at it, to mastering it and applying it without thought. I find that the rules, principles and fighting strategy of Wing Chun have also spilled over into my every day life. I am more motivated and focused than before I began training. I have recommended Wing Chun and Kung Fu Schools to my friends before, and will continue to do so.”
- Paul Brown
“Since starting wing-chun with Keith at Kung Fu Schools Sutton I have been pleasantly surprised with everything. As soon as I walked into my first class I felt confortable and welcome and was really helped to settle in. I was also amazed at the amount of progression I made in a short space of time. After trying my hand at other martial arts, I am happy to say that I feel I have a home and a new family in Kung Fu Schools and cannot wait to see how I will progress in the future. Wing-chun has everything you could look for in a martial art; fitness, discipline, fun, and most importantly effective and easy to learn self-defence. I have recently joined the instructor training programme at Kung Fu Schools Croydon, under the guidance of Head Instructor Sifu Alan Paterson, where I am hoping to take my love of martial arts into a full-time career. I enjoy being part of a large Kung Fu family, and have learnt greatly for the input of my instructor Keith Monk, Sifu Alan Paterson and Master Paul Hawkes the chief instructor of the Kung Fu Schools Organisation. I would recommend Kung Fu Schools to anybody that has a passion for martial arts, children or adults.”
- Marc M
“Sifu Alan, Could you please recognise Aslak and others who did last night's Aladdin performance. I think we can be all proud of them, and it is a great achievement being part of a big production with 'real' stars. Thank you also on our family's behalf for giving the kids the opportunity.”
- Maarit, mother
“I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) for there continued support and dedication in teaching my son who suffers from Verbal Dyspraxia which effects speech and co-ordination. Our son who has been attending the school for almost a year has grown in confidence and his co-ordination has improved beyond our wildest dreams. Even his teachers have noted these remarkable changes. I attribute this to Alan Paterson and staff who have shown tremendous patience and consideration and would highly recommend this Martial Art School to others who could benefit from such expertise.”
- Mrs Adams - Warlingham