There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Sifu Alan Paterson and the Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) undertake many activities outside of the school including corporate event days, grading ceremonies for the younger students and high paced weekend classes for the more active and willing adult students.

Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

“I've always wanted to learn martial arts and having tried various schools I had always lost interest within a few months...if not sooner. I've now been with Kung Fu Schools for 3 1/2 years and can't imagine ever stopping! The standard of teaching is fantastic, the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming and the facilities and training programmes are brilliant. Not only is it exciting to learn a great style of kung fu but it also really good for self discipline, confidence and knowing how to protect yourself. I can only thank everyone at kung fu schools for helping me find my passion for kung fu and would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in martial arts.”
- Wesley - Student
“Total Care Security has used the services of Head Instructor Alan Paterson for over two years. We have always found Mr. Paterson to be approachable, professional and attentive to all the students we have sent to him.Total Care Security have utilised the skills of Mr. Paterson during our induction training where we have bought Kung-Fu into our communication and conflict management training. We have always found the techniques taught by Mr. Paterson to be extremely efficient but most of all simple to learn. Total Care Security would have no hesitation in recommending to any company or individual alike. On a personal note Mr. Paterson has had my son at his school for over two years where he has achieved his Little Dragons Black Belt, and much to my surprise Mr. Paterson has managed to keep his attention by making no two classes the same, my son is now working towards his Black Belt in the juniors also.”
- Chris Wheeler - Director of Total Care Security
“My son Samuel joined the Little Dragons at Kung Fu Schools Croydon in December 2008 in an attempt to boost his confidence within groups of children. Not only has his confidence improved, but he has learnt and developed in so many ways, including self-respect, discipline and perseverance, whilst also benefiting from the regular exercise and coordination that Kung Fu offers. Watching my son gave me the enthusiasm to give it a go myself, and it's the best decision I made in a long time! Two years later I'm having so much fun from it, I'm fitter, met loads of great people and I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of achieving my 1st Degree! My one big regret is not taking up such an opportunity when I was younger! My daughter Caitlin joined in 2009 and loves Kung Fu whilst Matthew, my youngest, is really keen to join when he reaches 4. Thanks to Sifu Alan and his great team for teaching my family such useful skills and also for providing release for me from day to day pressures that we have to deal with!”
- Michael Garlick
“My 9 year old son has been attending the Kung Fu School for close to a year now and has just recently achieved his Red belt. He has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, making his achievement so much more special, as I never would have believed this to be possible. The reason I think that he has been able to obtain this accolade is due to the never ending hard work of Si Fu Alan and his team of fantastic staff. Their 'I can' attitude has certainly rubbed off, as my son has received his best ever school report. He has gone up two levels in his reading, his writing skills have improved, likewise his maths and his literacy. His behaviour has 'calmed down' and he can focus and concentrate for much longer periods of time now than he ever did before he started at the Kung Fu School. We both owe a lot everyone at the school and can not thank them enough for all the effort they put in, especially for the children who need a bit more help. We are looking forward to continuing with his training and know that he too can achieve black belt excellent with the ongoing support of Si Fu Alan and his team. Many thanks to you all.”
- Ms Johnston - Parent
“I have been with Kung Fu Schools Croydon since January 2008. I originally started for a hobby and as I have always been doing martial arts from a young age. Since joining I realised how brilliant wing chun was. I enjoyed it so much it developed into a passion, and I knew I wanted to make it a bigger part of my life than just a hobby. I joined the instructor training programme where Sifu Alan Paterson trains people to become great teachers. Since joining it I have reached my 1st degree black belt and own my own Kung Fu schools franchise. I am now living my dream of a fulfilling career in martial arts, doing something I love while helping others achieve their goals. Kung Fu schools has changed my life for the better. I have achieved a lot thanks to the organisation. Everyone at the school are very helpful, friendly and professional. I am very proud to be part of such a fantastic school.”
- Keith Monk, Instructor, Kung Fu Schools (Sutton)